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A-MAN, Inc. STEM International Science Discovery,
Learning & Conference Center
101 South La Brea Avenue
Inglewood, CA 90301

Foundation for Successful Solutions . . .

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Providing successful solutions for the personal, educational & professional development of underserved communities in the 21st Century.

Welcome to Foundation for Successful Solutions (FSS), where we are committed to providing programs and services that utilize technology as a tool for personal, educational and professional growth in the 21st Century. FSS is also committed to closing the “digital divide” and helping underserved communities empower themselves through technology on issues ranging from digital literacy, broadband access, and social media, to creating neighborhood-based Wi-Fi networks, local, state, and national telecommunications policy.

Our target populations include economically/educationally disadvantaged families and individuals, K-12 youth, seniors, and individuals with disabilities, as well as those open to building relationships across racial, gender, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural bridges. It is because of our diverse population that FSS is focused not only on developing their technological skills and self-worth, but cultivating their sense of community. In addition, our diverse population has enabled us to develop extraordinary partnerships and collaborations with a wide range of groups, organizations and agencies.

FSS programs & services provide:

  • Technology access: free computer use to community wifi
  • Training in technical “literacy & fluency”
  • Training in information & communications technologies
  • Employment & professional skills development
  • Education & vocational training
  • Community collaboration & networking