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Los fundamentos de computadora y del Internet en espanol-(Para Los Adultos)

Descripcion de la clase: Esta clase esta para la gente que hablan espanol y que tiene poco o nada de conocimiento de computadoras. Los participantes haran familares con los components del hardware, el software y el Internet.
Lates & Absences: Class begins promptly at -, please be on time. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late, it will be counted as an absence. If you know you will be absent or late, please tell your instructor in advance. If you have more than 2 unexcused absences, you will be in danger of losing your refund for completion of the class and/or risk to be enrolled in future classes with Project T.E.C.H
Projects & Assignments: There will be 5 or more projects assigned during the course. You must complete and turn in at least 75% of all assignments to the instructor to have successfully completed the course.
What to Bring to Class: